Our Ministries

  • Married Ministry

    Our married couples are committed to sharing their lives with one another in order to help nurture and grow their relationships. As they help one another they also grow closer to Christ, the perfect model of love. 

    If interested in connecting with one of the married ministry small groups spread out all over the area, please contact Shaun (shaun.mcd61@gmail.com) or Joyce (joycemcd27@gmail.com) McDonnell.

  • Professionals Ministry

    The professionals ministry is full of young men and women who not only are growing in their fields, but especially in their love for God and one another. They know how to have a good time. Seriously. Their events are awesome. You can follow them on instagram @xprospgh.

    To connect with one of the professionals' small group, reach out to Sam Faller. (samfaller@gmail.com)

  • Campus Ministry

    Our college students are constantly learning how to live out the gospel at their respective institutions. The campus ministry is a mixture of many campuses, but mainly consists of Pitt and CMU. Most of their events and services are held in the Cathedral of Learning. 

    Check out our Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/alphaomegapgh) 

    or contact the Rosenquist's for more info. (james.e.rosenquist@gmail.com)

  • Teen Ministry

    Our teens know how to love God and have a good time. They meet multiple times a month to connect with other teenagers striving to live out faith while in Middle and High School. 

    To find out more, contact Courtney and Hannah Miller. (hmmiles35@gmail.com)

  • Kid's Ministry

    We strive to make sure that the kids are surrounded by loving people in an environment designed for learning and building friendships! The children are constantly engaging with one another and learning about Christ. As much joy as we try to bring them, they bring us even more.

    If you have any questions, get in touch with Mohinder and Samantha Dick (ashedick@gmail.com)